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How A Small Change On My LinkedIn Page Got Me An Awesome New Job

The title is not clickbait. It really happened and here is the short, but full, story.

Be Unique

Employers looking for creative people to join their team are always on the lookout for an imaginative CV or something with what that someone stands out from the mass of people applying for the position.
Ever since I got the ghostwriting gig my confidence, as far as my copywriting goes, is off the charts! So I’ve been looking for interesting ways to employ my skills.

The LinkedIn Hack

LinkedIn doesn’t offer a lot of ways for you to be creative and to be honest my profile there is not that good at all. But there are so many job postings that I had to figure out a way to stand out.

On LinkedIn the first thing and pretty much the only thing people see is the title of your choosing right below your name. I must admit I’m sick of any kind of title. In recent years all the gurus, ninjas, executive managing specialist and what not made me hate any kind of title.
So what to put there? Well the thing I want to promote the most about myself are my writing skills. So what represents writing the most in today world? And then it hit me!

That little 6-letter word: typing.

That little word is with you more than any writing related word during any given day. Why? Because you see it whenever you are using any and every communications app. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, Line, Telegram…

So I used that to make myself stand out. Added is to make the action even more stand out and the 3 little dots and that was that.
With that little tweak I commented an a job link an agency shared and that little detail made me stand out. They noticed, contacted me, we had a nice Skype chat and that was it!
It is not a full time job but a single project thing but those kind of opportunities I like the best as that allows me to really diversify my writing skills.

So that’s my story. I love those little hacks even when they don’t work at all which is something I’ll also write about in my next post so feel free to follow me here on Medium.

DISCLAIMER: Before writing this I googled and googled in case any of you already used the ‘is typing…’ as their title on LinkedIn and couldn’t find anyone. I’m not saying I’m definitely the first one ever to do it but as far as my circle of people – I am, so that’s all that matters to me as far as being original goes.


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